Every now and again it’s fun to pretend the world around me isn’t in flames (metaphorical and literal) and engage in a little day dreaming. Yesterday it was “fantasy stately home”.

These are my requirements:

– A morning room
– A print room
– A Corridor (yes – the kind of corridor that is classed as a room in it’s own right – for showing off and swooshing about in)

Twitter chums reminded me that I would also like:

– An orangery
– A double height library with a ladder and an arcane catalogue system.

I’d like all of this probably in Georgian style, but somehow cleansed of the reek of Empire, if possible.

Below-stairs is often my favourite place. Tiled corridors are a must. Some sort of enormous kitchen with massive table goes without saying. A china room and a dry goods room and a larder are obvious. I care less for laundry rooms, butler’s offices, gun rooms etc.

Probably a bedroom is required for appearances, but to be honest I could probably nest in a good library quite happily.

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