Presentations and Publications


Post-Pandemic Challenges for Quality Education
ICDE Virtual Global Conference Week. 25 October 2021.

Pandemic, Inclusion and Open Source in Education: Assessing the Impact, Charting a Course
Open Apereo 2021 Plenary, with Lucy Appert and Deb Bryant. June 10 2021.

Open Education and Ethical Futures
OEGlobal 2020 Keynote Panel, with Maren Deepwell, Frances Bell, and Tannis Morgan. November 16 2020

Learning technology beyond the crisis: policies for a sustainable future
ALT Summer Summit Plenary Panel with Mary Burgess, Laura Czerniewicz, and Ian Dolphin. August 27 2020.

Talks and Workshops

LRNT 526 – Inquiry into Contemporary Issues in Learning Technologies, Royal Roads University, Canada. May 2020 – Present (multiple)

Co-designing the Higher Education Surveillance Observatory, OER22 conference, with Amy Collier, Brian Lamb, Tom Woodward. April 2022.

Fostering Resiliency With Platform Cooperativism, OERxDomains21 conference, with Grant Potter. April 2021.

Case Studies in Open: Supporting OEP through OSS, OER20 conference, with Brian Lamb. April 2020.

5 Open Source Edtech Fallacies that Impede Agency and Care, OER20 conference, with Tannis Morgan. April 2020.

The History of Ed Tech in a Time of Crisis, interview with Martin Weller. May 2020.

Positioning the values and practices of open education at the core of University business, OER19 Conference, with Lorna Campbell and Stuart Nicol. April 2019.

Learning Analytics at The University of Edinburgh, Presentation to SURF senior study tour delegation. March 2019

Successfully engage your institution with video, Kaltura UK User Conference. March 2019.

Digital Alchemy and Networked Narratives studio visit, Kean University, US. February 2019.

Overview of Lecture Recording, Presentation to University of Aarhus. October 2018.

Containing the Future, Learning on/with the Open Web conference (OWLTEH18) with Tony Hirst, and Jim Groom. September 2018.

Student Facing Learning Analytics Dashboards, European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL), with Adam Cooper, Maren Scheffel, and Liz Bennet. September 2018.

Lecture Recording: A student co-creation case study, QAA Enhancement Themes conference, with Karoline Nanfeldt. June 2018.

A piece of illumination enlarged OER18 Conference. April 2018

LAK Hackathon 2018, organiser, LAK conference. March 2018.

Learning Analytics at The University of Edinburgh, JISC Learning Analytics Network, with Yi-Shan Tsai. March 2018.

Learning Analytics: Research Informed Practice, London School of Economics and Political Science, with Yi-Shan Tsai. December 2017.

Wikipedia Games, MozFest 2017 with Alice White. March 2017.

Making movies: Democratising the use of media in learning and teaching ALT Annual Conference. September 2016

Guest Blogs, Podcasts, Reports

#OERxDomains21, Association for Learning Technology. March 2021.

Mini-series: Academic blogging at University of Edinburgh Teaching Matters blog. March 2019.

Mini-series: A summary of recently published lecture recording papers, Teaching Matters blog. November 2018.

Mini-series: Lecture recording at Edinburgh – the journey so far Teaching Matters blog. September 2018.

Learning Analytics Policy Development, Open Knowledge Foundation blog. June 2018.

OWLTEH – Perspectives, #OWLTEH project. May 2018

Next generation [digital] learning environments: present and future JISC report. January 2018.

MozFest Reflections, ALT Blog. November 2017.

The Most Influential Open EdTech Foundation You Never Knew About, eLearning Podcast with Stephen Ladek and Ian Dolphin. 2021.


Beetham, H., Collier, A., Czerniewicz, L., Lamb, B., Lin, Y., Ross, J., Scott, A-M. & Wilson, A. (2022) Surveillance Practices, Risks and Responses in the Post Pandemic University. Digital Culture & Education, 14(1), 16-37 URL:

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Conference Committees

Inaugural OTESSA Conference Co-Chair 2021, with Dr Michele Jacobsen. Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Congress Conference.

UK OER Conference Organising Committee 2019 and 2022. Association for Learning Technology.

OERxDomains21 Conference Organising Commmittee. Association for Learning Technology and Reclaim Hosting.