Quantified holidays

A lunchtime conversation today went into all sorts of interesting places, including talking about the history of data. This reminded me of an art project I am very fond of: Dear Data (which then reminds me of the conversation I had with Jim Groom about analogue analogues for edtech such as his Reclaim Video project).

I’ve written before that I tend to work on paper in a notebook a lot of the time, and that moving to more digital writing here has been something of a process (and not a complete one – I still like paper and pencils). I had nobody to please but myself when on holiday recently and inevitably started doodling and scribbling, particularly when on trains or in the late evening sitting with a glass of wine. There are a few pictures from my first couple of days holiday on Flickr, but for an alternative view of some of my days, here’s a couple of bits of analogue data from my notebook.

(Castelvecchio, Verona. Image by me, no rights reserved.)

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