A historic engraving showing the fete held for the 3rd anniversary of the French Revolution - the Fete de Federation. Used for obscure metaphorical purposes.

Federation games

Okay, so one of the reasons that I love working across domains and with a variety of different kinds of organisations is that I get this glorious firehose of different ideas and information which, more often than not, bleed into each other in the best possible ways.

This morning, whilst engaged in some elegant repose avec cafe and les chats, I came across a post from my OSI colleague Simon Phipps, boosting a report about updates to the new v2.0 ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. I’ve had the version 1.<something> of the plugin installed for a while, meaning to poke it and give it a good look. Best laid plans and all that…

What jumped right out at me was:

“When you respond to comments from the fediverse on your blog, they will now be federated. This allows you to finally engage in (threaded) communication back and forth directly from the comment section of your blog!”

Now, reading through the Mastodon thread that goes into more detail there are limitations, related to user accounts and GDPR. And I’m not sure I understand it all fully (my brain has clearly been addled by too much elegant reposing of late).

(As an aside, I also went down the rabbit hole of Simon’s blog and found this excellent post on the really exciting potential of the Fediverse, though I remain unclear about just exactly what this all means for the animals in the zoo).

So this post is an attempt to try work it out in the ol’ classic learning-by-doing fashion.

I’ve installed the plugin, activated it, and you can now follow me on your Fediverse client of choice at: ammienoot@ammienoot.com

After that, who knows?


3 thoughts on “Federation games

  1. I’m federated happy. I played with the early version of the plugin, but have been using a different cobbled approach to send blog posts to my main masto ness.

    I’m loving pixelfed, thanks for the link to Simon’s post.

    So followed this blog in mastodon and replied there… so where is it? I’m fuzzy on how the two way works.

    1. The two way commenting doesn’t appear to be working as I thought it would. Trying to work out if my problem is my lack of understanding, or something more technical on the blog. It’s a work in progress, but a fun one!

      And yes – Simon is a very interesting chap. Worth a follow. He’s been a delight to get to know via OSI (as have so may there).

      1. Progress. Of a kind. Each time I reply on Mastodon and then scoot back here to check progress I find WordPress losing it’s mind. 508 error and I can see a CPU spike that blows my server resource limits. Next steps I think are to run up a simpler build on another domain and see what that yields.

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