We’re on a roll

I’ve had some cause to reflect this week at how great the people I work with are, and in particular the band of colleagues who – much against their better judgement I’m sure – consent to work in my team.

Since launching the new Blogs.ed site we’ve been slowly pulling our own online presence together. Some of the team who didn’t used to blog have decided to start. Some of them had other team spaces already, and some were already writing in their own space. Since I’m one of the ones who already writes in my own space, and positively values the freedom that comes with that, I had no interest in forcing everyone to give up what they were doing. Instead we decided that whoever wants to write on the core team site is welcome to do so, but we will also syndicate work in from wherever else you might be working. They key thing we want is to show as much as possible of the variety of work we do. Where the links go for more information is less important.

To get there we’ve been using the FeedWordPress aggregation tools to syndicate in content. Yes, I do love RSS. Please forgive earlier things I may have written about APIs. It was a fever dream.

At the end of this week there was a slew of new posts, and checking back over the site it’s an impressive haul we’ve got going on there. Honestly, it’s insane and a privilege that I get to work with such a diverse and creative group of colleagues.


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