Tweeting solo: #PressEdConf19

The PressEd Twitter conference took place again yesterday, thanks once more to the tireless efforts of Pat Lockley and Natalie Lafferty. This year I flew solo and did the hard work myself. EGads! I had to make some gifs and everything and they were rubbish. I really need to up my repetoire, skills and tools in this space. I’ve created a wee record of my presentation below, though I know it’s also been collated as a moment onto the PressEd schedule page.

Drafting in Excel and scheduling via Tweetdeck worked a treat though, and I honestly wasn’t scheduling the last tweet as the first one began to fire…

Freedom of movement : LTI is no big deal for linking together

Blogging tools in VLEs are universally poor; however even when WordPress is available as an alternative, the admin overheads of setting up user accounts can mean it remains out of reach. This presentation will demonstrate using an LTI integration plugin to make the pain go away.

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