sonic vapour trails

A Christmas playlist sparked a loose conversation on Twitter, which continued when we bumped into each other at a book launch at ECA, and has had me curating a playlist over the last few weeks to contribute to James Lamb’s project.

Reviewing my various playlists, my musical choices vary widely. Reading or writing at work, I don’t want anything lyric-heavy to distract me; winter nights I want drive to keep moving swiftly on my walk to the train; working with numbers or code I want some rhythm and enough noise to drown out all around me; the dead of the night tends towards the calm / introspective / folky end of the spectrum; and soul and funk are for cooking / dancing in the kitchen.

I’ve also been thinking about music and people from years ago – not least since my domains were recently moved onto Reclaim’s new Wire server. Listening to Wire, Spacemen 3 and Dinosaur Jr was Sunday afternoons with a now long-lost friend. Julian Cope and Nick Cave came via another person lost to time. Many gigs, not least in Glasgow bouncing on the Barrowlands floor. Early student years and all that they contained…

No surprises then that the playlist I’ve been tentatively curating has been reflecting some of these vibes. Some more work required and some liner notes to be written still.

(By Airwolfhound [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

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